Shenandoah Park

The new center, centrally located in Prince William County (PWC) on county owned property, will provide a permanent space with classrooms, administrative offices, and surrounding acreage for participants to have hands-on experience in
creating and maintaining gardens and other therapy projects.
Friends of Horticultural Therapy (FOHT) is now raising funds, for the construction of this center. The new center will be donated to PWC to permanently house the Horticultural Therapy Program.
The center and program will be operated by the PWC Parks Department andCommunity Services respectively. Please help with contributions today.

Private donations needed to fund:
• Construction plans, approval
   and permitting
• Site development plan, approval
   and permitting
• Turn-key construction by
   Mike Garcia Const., Inc.

Special thanks to:

•Ann and R. B. Thomas, and family       for donating property
• Branca Development, LLC for site        planning
• Classic Concept Builders, Inc.
   for project coordination

Horticultural Therapy Center

•Bristow Road, Prince William County
•5,000+ sq ft facility
•Administrative space
•Areas for HT indoor/outdoor activities
•Future 3,000 square foot greenhouse

Click the thumbnail photo above to see the full landscape design